Our History

The Early Years

The entity that would become the Mu Epsilon Kappa Society was founded in the 1980’s as Northstar, the anime club for what was then North Texas State University. In 1995, Northstar was superceded by the group called Mu Epsilon Kappa in a murky swirl of events surrounding students transferring from the Mu Epsilon Kappa anime club at Texas Tech University. Over the next few years, the clubs drifted apart, and the UNT anime club fluctuated in membership, from as few as 3 to as many as a dozen members.

The Revolution

In 2003, a new set of officers banded together with a vision of creating a new entity, with a mission of transforming the club from a group of people who watched anime to a haven, a community. In the next year the membership grew from a dozen to 30. In another year, the membership grew to 60, then to 75, then as many as a hundred people were attending meetings. MEK branched out, and began holding events in the community, mentoring local high school groups, doing leadership and teambuilding panels, and holding alumni gatherings in the summer. Membership was beginning to pay off in the careers and lives of many involved with MEK.

The Future

In the summer of 2007, MEK at UNT decided the time was ripe, and together with the anime club of Mississippi State University, formed the Mu Epsilon Kappa Society, a group dedicated to helping people everywhere have access to the same opportunities which had been available to those who experienced those growing years.