For years, internet communities, anime clubs, gaming circles, private groups, comic book shop backroom gatherings, and private groups of twos and threes have been the entirety of support and friendship for many people with “nerd” hobbies or interests. We believe that the power of these scattered groups can be harnessed for a great deal of good. Instead of having the luck to stumble upon a group, or having a group on the internet provide the entirety of one’s social experience, the long-term vision of Mu Epsilon Kappa is for everyone to know that there is a place that they can go and be accepted as part of a community. We want people to feel welcome not just in a local or electronic group, but into worldwide coalition of like-minded flesh-and-blood people, with all the community this entails, such as friendships, relationships, career opportunities, and myriad other benefits.


Not only does the power of a community enrich its members, but it also gives them power to improve the world around them. We hope that the strength of unity will encourage members to band together to give back to the community through service, charity, and leadership.