Mu Epsilon Kappa strives to create a safe and accepting environment of inter- and intra-cultural communication in which people are welcome to express themselves and explore their interests without fear of ridicule or persecution.

What does this mean?

  • The ultimate mission of Mu Epsilon Kappa is to create a world in which everyone is recognized and respected as an individual. To achieve this goal, Kappas can help to foster such an environment around them and in their community.
  • Kappas create an environment of cultural exchange. This means we seek to explore, through experience, study, and teaching, other cultures, not only between nations, but also the various cultures within a society.
  • While we are originally focused on Japanese cultural exchange, Kappas seek to create a safe space for “nerds” and “geeks” of all stripes.
  • “Safe space” means an environment where people unaccustomed to socialization or those accustomed to negative social experiences can learn to feel comfortable meeting people with similar interests in an environment free of pressure or ridicule.
  • Kappas seek to judge by intrinsic worth of an individual rather than what one sees. “Without fear of ridicule or persecution” doesn’t mean people are free to go wild, but that Kappas will strive to judge by a person’s actions and intentions rather than their appearance, creed, origin, sexual orientation, or other inherent characteristics.